What I do.

What I do

  • what we do

    Web / Drupal / Wordpress

    I work with Drupal, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Python or plain HTML/CSS/PHP. I am also associated with other people, so that we - as a team - can provide most of the technologies our clients need. I work with a professional photographer.

    Photography: Charles Caratini

  • what we do


    We can not provide all the services a dedicated SEO-company does, but we can make sure that people find you on the internet.

  • what we don't do

    What we don't do

    We do not program applications for the iPhone, Android or any other device. We do not use Flash, instead we work with HTML5 and CSS3. But we might be able to help you find the right person if you need any of these technologies.


Some other projects includ a spider for a technical website, a multi-language Drupal website for a NPO, a website for a literature magazine, a website for a sports association and more.

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Charles Caratini | Photographe Luxembourg

A professional photographer's website and his blog, done with Drupal7.

Charles Caratini | Photographe Luxembourg Charles Caratini | Photographe Luxembourg
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Musikschule Kulm

Made with Drupal7.

Musikschule Kulm Musikschule Kulm
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Free Arabic Dictionary

A dictionary programmed from scratch with Codeigniter, the words are fully searchable in both ways, search by verb forms and roots. This is an ongoing project, words are added regularly.


Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

79, Côte d'Eich, L-1450 Luxembourg

+41 78 840 52 14